Globoplay and Multishow launch a new season of Trace Trends with Influencer João Luiz Pedrosa and actor Babu Santana.

juin 3, 2021

Multiplatform project, presented by Alberto Pereira Jr. and Xan Ravelli, also includes a podcast.


On the friday morning, the 28th, the executives of Trace Brasil, Multishow and Globoplay gathered at an online event to present to the market Globo’s partnership with the Brazilian subsidiary of the global media and entertainment multiplatform. Among the news announced is the arrival of ex-BBBs João Luiz Pedrosa and Babu Santana as presenters of Trace Trends, along with Xan Ravelli and Alberto Pereira Jr. Content focused on Brazilian and Afro-urban culture will be shown weekly, starting on the 23rd June, at Globoplay and on Fridays, from the 25th, at 5 pm, at Multishow.


In the new season, João Luiz will present the frame “EducAção”, which will show stories, projects and initiatives developed by young people from the various peripheries of Brazil, in the areas of education and science, every week on Trace Trends. Babu Santana will also be part of the attraction, in charge of “Fala Babu », where he will share experiences and personal experiences, give advice and answer questions from the public, in addition to receiving guests to talk about life, with the right to compose some songs along with the presenter.


“With the partnership, Trace and Globo reinforce their originality, with the proposal to transmit innovative content, with universal language, so that all people feel included and can see the plurality of our country. It is actions like this that project us into the future”, explains Ad Junior, head of Marketing at Trace Brasil.


The project also foresees the premiere of the podcast “Tô na Trace”, which should be published from June 6th, always on Thursdays. Featuring Kenya Sade and guest appearances by Ad Junior and Alberto Pereira Jr., the podcast has a chat format, featuring at least one guest per episode and recovers some topics discussed in the week’s program and also brings new voices from Afro-urban culture . It will do a tour with news of music, fashion, technology and subjects that are echoing.


Another novelty is the possibility for brands to develop branded content actions as part of the project’s sponsorship plan.


“Having Trace Brasil as a partner in our journey to diversify our portfolio, with innovative and high quality content aimed at Brazilian racial and cultural plurality, makes us very enthusiastic and reinforces the successful relationship we have with the independent market”, says Ana Carolina Lima,  Head of Content of Globoplay


In addition to the new productions with new frames, the previous four seasons of Trace Trends will be available in the Globoplay catalog. There are more than 70 episodes, produced since 2019, with the participation of prominent names such as Zezé Motta, Paula Lima, Thiaguinho, Adriana Barbosa, Liniker, Luana Génot, Jeniffer Nascimento, Kl Jay and Jefferson De.


“We are very happy to be able to amplify with Multishow and Globoplay this conversation that we are going to generate based on themes that are so important for the social transformation of the country. We managed to bring together the best of our platform to leverage this message of Afro-urban culture, says Tatiana Costa, General Director of Multishow.


Less than two years after arriving in the country, with the debut of Trace Trends in November 2019, Trace reinforces its pioneering spirit and disruption by focusing on Afro-Brazilian culture and the plurality of the Brazilian population within audiovisual production. “This step consolidates Trace’s pioneering vision when it decided to land in Brazil. Having the main media group in Latin America and one of the largest in the world helping us to carry out our mission, shows the importance of reflecting Brazil as it really is“, evaluates Zizo Papa, CEO and partner of Trace Brasil.


About Trace Brasil

In Brazil, Zizo Papa, who was CEO of Cannes Lions and WGSN Global, heads the multi-platform media and entertainment company with Ad Junior, a communicator and diversity consultant, a reference in the production of content on fighting racism and prejudice in the media. The company arrived in the country in July 2019 and, in November, launched Trace TRENDS, shown by RedeTV!Trace Trends Will be now Relaunch at Globo Platform GloboPlay and Multishow cable TV. The channel Trace Brazuca was launched in July 2020 on the operators Net / Claro, Vivo, Blue TV and Guigo TV, with guidelines on music, behavior, art, diversity, sports and entrepreneurship.


About Trace

Trace is a global cross-platform media, entertainment and education company that connects with multicultural audiences through Afro-urban music and content. It is present in 27 pay TV channels, radio, online and mobile services available to 350 million people, in more than 120 countries. Launched in 2003, Trace has become the leading media brand for connected Afro-urban youth in Sub-Saharan Africa, France, the Caribbean, England and the Indian Ocean region. For more information, visit


About Globoplay

Globoplay is the largest Brazilian streaming platform, offering free and exclusive content to subscribers. With more than 200 million hours of consumption per month, the service gathers several original contents from Globo and the independent audiovisual market, renowned international films and series, among them exclusive productions, which are only available online. The platform also has a complete offer with Globo’s linear channels through Globoplay + live channels, which aggregates in one place, in addition to TV Globo, Multishow, GloboNews, Sportv 1, Sportv 2, Sportv 3, GNT, Viva, Gloob, Gloobinho, Off, Bis, Mais On Screen, Megapix, Universal TV, Studio Universal, SYFY, Canal Brasil and Futura. All together, in the most complete and varied offer of content for the public to access at any time and from wherever they are, what is on the air, what has already been on the air and what will still be shown.


About Multishow

Multishow has fun as its essence and brings to the subscriber the best of entertainment, with a lot of humor, music and travel. There are different formats of content, ranging from live broadcasts of the biggest festivals in the world to programs starring the greatest humorists and musicians in the country. Since 2009, it has been among the 10 most watched prime-time channels on pay TV. Multishow goes beyond the limits of television and also produces exclusive content


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